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Atlas Bronze - Maranatha Now, Inc.
445 Bunting Ave 
Trenton NJ New Jersey
United States 08611
Phone: +1 877 554 0443, Fax: +1 609 599 1424
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BRONZE DISTRIBUTOR in COPPER & IRON ALLOYS. Atlas Bronze : Home Page Atlas Bronze supplier of continuous cast copper alloys and iron alloys in continuous, centrifugal and sand cast condition. Atlas offers Aluminum, Bearing, Manganese Bronzes in solid bar, cored bar, plate, rectangle, bushings, centrifugals and more.  Atlas stocks copper alloys ranging from wrought to cast conditions in the following alloys: Brass Alloy - C46400 Wrought Naval Brass "Lead Free", Phosphor Bronzes - C51000 Wrought Phosphor Bronze, C54400 Wrought Phosphor Bronze, Nickel Aluminum Bronzes - C63000 Wrought Nickel Aluminum Bronze 10%, Silicon Aluminum Bronzes - C64200 Wrought Silicon Aluminum Bronze, Silicon Bronzes - C65100 Wrought Low Silicon Bronze B, C65500 Wrought High Silicon Bronze A, Manganese Silicon Bronzes, C67300 Wrought Leaded Silicon Manganese Brass, C674100 Wrought Manganese Aluminum Brass, C67500 Wrought Manganese Bronze, C67600 WroughtManganese Bronze, Copper Nickel Tin, C72900 Wrought Copper Nickel Tin Spinodal, Red Brasses, C83600 Cast Leaded Red Brass, SAE 40, C84400 Cast Leaded Semi-Red Brass, Manganese Bronzes, C86200 Cast Manganese Bronze, C86300 Cast High Tensile Manganese Bronze, C86500 Cast High Strength Manganese Bronze, Tin Bronzes, C90300 Cast Bronze Navy G, C90500 Cast Tin Bronze, Gun Metal, SAE 62, C90700 Cast Tin Bronze, SAE 65, C91100 Cast Tin Bronze, Leaded Tin Bronzes, C92200 Cast Leaded Tin Bronze, Navy M, C92500 Cast Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE 640, C92700 Cast Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE 63, High - Leaded Tin Bronzes, C93200 Cast Bearing Bronze, SAE 660, C93500 Cast High Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE 66, C93600 Cast Bearing Grade Bronze - MOD SAE 64, C93700 Cast High Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE 64, C93800 Cast High Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE 67, Aluminum Bronzes, C95200 Cast Aluminum Bronze, C95400 Cast Aluminum Bronze 9C, C95400 Cast HT Aluminum Bronze, C95500 Cast Aluminum Bronze, C95500 Cast HT Aluminum Bronze, C95520 Cast High Strength Aluminum Bronze, C95800 Cast Nickel Aluminum Bronze, C95900 Cast Aluminum