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Avatar Corporation About Us Products Services Information Request News & Events Environment & Community Employment Contact Us We manufacture, refine and supply raw materials and ingredients for the food, drug and personal care industries. Featured News Releases Price Increase for Glycerin and Propylene Glycol Avatar Offers Trans Fat-Free Release Agents at IFT Avatar Showcases Certified Organic Products at IFT Avatar Features Non-GMO Release Agents at IFT Avatar Product Categories • Acidulants • Allergen/Soy Lecithin-Free Release Agents • Antioxidants • Bread Pan Oils • Divider Oils • Fatty Alcohols • Glycols • Guanidine Carbonate • Lecithins • Lubricants • Medium-Chain Esters • Medium-Chain Triglycerides • Metallic Stearates • Microcrystalline Waxes • Mineral Jellies • Mono-/diglycerides • Oils, Vegetable • Organic-Certified Products • Pan Greases • Paraffin Waxes • Petrolatums • Preservatives • Release Agents, Confectionery • Sorbitan Derivatives • Surfactants • Sweeteners • Trough Greases • White Mineral Oil © 2005 AVATAR CORPORATION, 500 Central Avenue University Park, IL 60466. All rights reserved Questions or comments regarding this page? Send email: to Phone: 800.255.3181
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