AVL Technologies
130 Roberts St 
Asheville NC North Carolina
United States 28801
Phone: +1 828 250 9950, Fax: +1 828 250 9950
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AVL Technologies SNG Antennas 130 Roberts Street Tel: 828.250.9950 Asheville, NC 28801 USA Fax: 828.250.9938 Email: Customer Support | Sales | Engineering | Home | Our Profile | Our Press | On Location | Employment | Support | Contact Us Roto-Lok Drive System & Antenna Positioners Vehicle-Mounted SNG Antenna Systems OVERVIEW 2.4M SNG C, X, & Ku Band 2.0M SNG Dual Band, C & Ku 1.8M SNG Analog & Digital 1.6M SNG 1.5M SNG International 1.2M ERA 1.2M DSNG 1.2M Global Fly & Drive Antenna Systems OVERVIEW 1.2M SNG Fly & Drive (1202) 1.2M SNG Fly & Drive (1212) 1.2M Mobile VSAT Fly & Drive (1278KFD) FlyAway Antenna Systems OVERVIEW 1.6M iSNG (1660) 1.2M iSNG (1296) 1.0M iSNG (1010) 1.0M iSNG Suitcase (1060) 90x66cm iSNG Carry-On (9066) 2.0M Quad-Band (2060) Mobile VSAT Broadband OVERVIEW 1.8M Mobile VSAT (Ku band) 1.8M Mobile VSAT (C band) 1.2M Mobile VSAT (1278) 1.2M Mobile VSAT Fly & Drive (1278KFD) .96M Mobile VSAT (Vehicle Mount) .96M Mobile VSAT (Case-Based) .75M Mobile VSAT (Vehicle Mount) .75M Mobile VSAT (Case-Based) Manufacturers of High-Performance Satellite Antenna Positioner Systems for SNG and Mobile VSAT Broadband featuring Roto-Lok Technology and World-Class Parabolic Reflectors AvL Technologies manufactures mobile satellite antenna systems, mobile VSAT antennas, and antenna positioners featuring the patented Roto-Lok cable drive system. AvL has designed and developed SNG mobile satellite antennas for 1.0M, 1.2M, 1.5M, 1.8M, 2.0M, and 2.4M apertures, as well as the versatile Fly & Drive portable and several unique FlyAway antenna systems. Antenna Features Elegant Light-weight Designs Highly-Accurate Pointing Nearly Zero Backlash Auto-Acquisition Controllers Cost Effective Solutions Antenna Uses Satellite News Gathering Mobile Command Centers Electronic News Gathering Mobile Medical Units Mobile Broadband Video Conferencing AvL is now recognized as the leading producer of SNG antenna systems in the United States and is fast becoming known worldwide. AvL has developed the first motorized 1.2M Mobile VSAT an