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Blow Molded Specialties - Custom Manufacturer of Blow Molded Plastic Products - Home Blow Molded Specialties is a custom cutting edge manufacturer of blow molded plastic products for the medical device, laboratory, healthcare, cosmetic, industrial and consumer goods markets. Capabilities and services include product development and engineering services , process engineering, mold design, validation and production qualification for custom bellows, custom bottles and containers, unique hollow objects and thin wall products from 1 ml to 1 gallon sizes molded in engineered and commodity plastics . Blow molding and injection molding are two completely different processes. If you're familiar with injection molding and now find yourself in need of blow molding, you're in danger of making some serious mistakes. Blow molding is different from injection molding in several significant ways: the process itself, the role of the process, the tolerances and margins of error, design considerations, and the iterative nature of developing the process. If you need a part blow molded and you?re new to blow molding, we have a white paper which will help you ask the right questions, avoid common pitfalls, and start you on a winning path. Click here to request it now! Home | About Us | Products | Product Development & Engineering Services | White Papers | Contact Us / RFI 535 Prospect Street · Pawtucket, RI 02860 Tel: (401) 723-3000 · Fax: (401) 723-3104 E-mail: bmsplastics@aweber.com Blow Molded Specialties 535 Prospect Street Pawtucket, RI 02860 Tel: (401) 723-3000 Fax: (401) 723-3104 Custom Products Custom Bellows Custom Bottles & Containers Thin Wall Products Unique Hollow Objects