B&D Manufacturing
568 Falconbridge Rd, Unit 6 
Sudbury ON Ontario
Canada P3A 4S4
Phone: +1 705 566 7429, Fax: +1 705 566 2780
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B & D Manufacturing Home Page Local Time: 8:39:08 PM Our Complete Product List: -- select here -- Align Boring Overview B&D PABM Videos for Download AM-1424 series TM-8X series EV-2000 series Optional Accessories Standard Accessories Electric Gear Drive Converter Bore Measuring Telescoping Guage Over-the-Bar-Micrometer Automated Bore Welding System - S1 Automated Bore Welding System - S2 Automated Bore Welding System - S3 Automated Bore Welding System - S4 Automated Bore Welding System - S5 B&D Solutions Overview Dynamic Moisture Control Real-Time Woodchip Sizing BDS INTEK Air/Oil Systems Optimize Hog Fuel Efficiency Turn-Key Solutions Field Services Overview Work Force On-site Laser Alignment On-site Grinding Align Boring and Welding On-site Mill-wright Services and Machining Mechanical Equipment Alignment On-site Total Gear Drive Rebuilds Cage and Skip Hoist Maintenance Rock Crusher Parts and Repair On-site Hydraulic Torque Strategic Alliances Overview Dynapro Equipment Ltd. Reliance Barker Davies Bore Repair Systems Inc. Horsburgh & Scott PR Engineering Limited WipWare Alternative Maintenance Solutions Bearing and Transmission Northern Enable Kinecor Specialized Equipment Drill Steel Extractor Goodman Locomotive "Type" Diamond Drill Parts Aluminum Work Bench Diamond Drill Platform - 4 x 2 Diamond Drill Platform - 4 x 4 Core Box Pallet Maintenance & Safety Equipment Adjustable Boom Stand Boom and Bucket Stands Low Profile Ramp Scoop Tram Ramps Small Vehicle Ramp Heavy Duty Stands Heavy Duty Stands - 100 ton Heavy Duty Stands - 150 Ton Aluminum Wheel Chocks Aluminum Blocking Stands Low Profile Oil Drip Pan Valve Lock-Out Tool Hoist Rope Grooving Machine Aluminum Saw Horse Safety Plug Jack Post Screw Chute Steel Vent Saddle Vent Lifting Device Vent Saddle Portable Greasing Station Aluminum Step Platforms Ball Hopper Attachment B&D Dipper Safety Wedge B&D Electric Cable Protection System Shaft & Conveyance Equipment B&D Thimble Forming Device Under-Slung Platform Aluminum Crosshead Conveyance Platform Storage Equi