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Barber Nichols, Inc.
6325 W. 55th Ave 
Arvada CO Colorado
United States 80002
Phone: +1 303 421 8111, Fax: +1 303 420 4679
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Barber-Nichols: Manufacturer of Turbomachinery including Turbopumps, Vapor Return Blowers and Cooling Pumps Home Products Services Capabilities Industries Served TurboTopics About Barber-Nichols Contact Us Call: 303. 421.8111 Request A Quote Email Us Featured Products Vapor Return Blowers Efficient, Reliable LNG Vapor Return Blowers for Receiving Terminals Fans Custom Design & Manufacture of Compact, High Performance Fans Military Vehicle Cooling Pumps Custom Design & Manufacture of Compact, Robust Cooling Pumps Cryogenic Products Low Heat Leak, Hermetically Sealed Blowers, Circulators, Compressors, & Pumps for Use To 4.2 K Fuel Cell Blowers Custom Design & Manufacture of Compact, Highly Efficient Fuel Cell Blowers Rocket Engine Turbopumps Rapid Development of Affordable, Light-Weight, Efficient Rocket Engine Turbopumps Engineering Services Prototype Design Conceptual Ideas Are Quickly Developed Using Advanced Prototype Design & Analysis Software and Decades of Empirical Data Design for Manufacturability Cross Functional Design Teams Help Clients Maximize Profits by Minimizing Total Manufacturing Costs without Sacrificing Product Performance Contract Manufacturing Prototype Manufacturing Complex Prototypes Are Quickly Manufactured Using CAD/CAM Centers and State-Of-The-Art Assembly & Test Facilities Electrochemical Machining Total Manufacturing Costs Are Minimized When This Unique Process Is Used To Quickly Render Complex Components from Difficult-To-Machine Materials Home | Turbomachinery Products | Services | Capabilities | Industries Served | TurboTopics | About Barber-Nichols | Contact Us Site Map | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Top of Page BusinessOnLine: Search Engine Optimization Firm Barber-Nichols Inc. | 6325 West 55th Avenue | Arvada, CO 80002 | Phone: (303) 421-8111 Fax: (303) 420-4679 | Email:
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