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55 Gallon Drums | Stainless Steel Drums | Flammable Storage Cabinets | Spill Kits | Spill Berm | Plastic Pails | Drum Lifters Username: Password: login not required to place order Forgot Password? Register with Why Register? 4G Packaging for 5 Gallon Plastic and Steel Pails July Specials Don't overlook HAZMAT regulations when shipping small amounts It may be tempting to skip the hassle of properly marking, preparing and shipping small amounts of hazardous materials, but it can cost your company big time in terms of government fines ranging from $250 to $50,000, plus possible imprisonment of the guilty party. By law, the United States Postal Service and other mail delivery services, such as UPS or FedEx, cannot accept hazardous materials unless they are properly marked and shipped. No matter how small the quantity (such as a pint of touch-up paint) or seemingly innocuous (an aerosol can, for example), shippers must follow the rules. That's because the shipment of undeclared hazardous materials can pose a great safety risk, particularly if the item is shipped by air. It can lead to serious injury or even death. More . . . *NEW ITEMS* Drum Handling Equipment , Personal Protection , Plant Maintenance Plant Maintenance Building Protection , Carts and Trucks , General Maintenance Drum Handling Equipment Drum Trucks , Drum and Pail Dollies , Drum Cradles Drum and Pail Accessories Crushers/Compactors , Heaters , Pumps Containers Bottles & Jars , Dispensing Bottles , Plastic & Metal Screw Caps Container Components Drum and Pail Gaskets , Drum Covers , Drum Nuts and Bolts Shipping Supplies Poly Bags , Corrugated Boxes , Fill/Bubble Cushion Safety Products Safety Cans , Grounding/Bonding Wires , Personal Protection Spill & Leak Response First Response™ Spill Kits , Truck Spill Kit & Tools , Spill Response Tools Secondary Containment Spill Decks , Spill Pallets , IBC Containment With everything you'll ever need in Industrial Packaging, we are the one company who can answer your questions, solve your problems and