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Energy and Environment Waste Management Recycling Batteries
Battery Recycling - Cost-Effective and Safe Disposal Battery Recycling Services Businesses Government/Municipalities Homes (Residences) Battery Collection Containers Pail Mail System UPS Batteries UPS De-installation UPS Markets Quote Form More Recycling Services Battery Recycling Program Recycling Benefits Cell Phone Recycling Program Experts Corner Household Services Wet Cell Dry Cell Order Form Recycling Process Nickel Lead Mercury Lithium Alkaline/Zinc Contact Us Information Hotline Information Requests E-Z Quote BATTERY RECYCLING MAKES $ENSE IN THE THIRD MILLENNIUM Tremendous opportunities exist in this New Age for advanced battery developments and safer and more cost effective recycling. Communities, local, state and federal governments, businesses and the citizenry will continue to press for new regulations and technologies which will help to ensure the protection of our environment and health. We strive to protect human health and the environment by using the most advanced technologies to recover and re-use the heavy metals from waste batteries. Demand for batteries in the U.S. is projected to increase 5.8% every year through 2004. In 1998 there were over 3 billion industrial and household batteries sold in the United States alone. This demand for batteries will continue, spurred on by the ever ongoing technological advances in the battery industry and the portability of battery operated equipment. We offer battery recycling solutions for businesses , government , and households to better service environmentally conscious consumers, and satisfy compliance with government regulations. Truly, this is a great epoch in which to live and contribute. Therefore, Battery Solutions, Inc. is committed to help advance a cleaner sustainable environment for present and future generations through the vital role our company has in the recycling process. Businesses Click Here Government or Municipalities Click Here Households Click Here ©Copyright Battery Solutions, Inc. 7266 Kensington Rd., Brighton, MI, 48116 Tel
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