Baxley Blowpipe Co.
3300 E. Cottonwood Rd 
Dothan AL Alabama
United States 36301
Phone: +1 334 794 5550, Fax: +1 334 671 1351
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BAXLEY TRAILER COMPANY chock Home Check out the VIDEOS! www. Ridelikeapro .com LINKS UPCOMING EVENTS HATS now available! $10 each. We have Ancra Straps ! Buy a blemished Sport Chock and save $20! SOLD OUT! GT 2000 - Two Bike Trailer. This Motorcycle Trailer Carries two large motorcycles up to 2150lbs. Winch operated tilt-down feature makes loading easy and safe. Now with a wider floorboard and optional electric brakes. Canvas covers now available! LA Chock This fully adjustable motorcycle chock holds any motorcycle upright for transport, service or storage. Mounts in your trailer for safe and easy transport. Eliminates the need for "help" in loading a bike. LA Trailer Chock This is the same as the LA Chock, but with a smaller footprint for applications where space is a concern. SB 001 -Single Bike Trailer This Motorcycle Trailer Carries any large bike up to 1250lbs. Tilts down for easy loading and unloading. Built-in LA Chock standard. The easiest and safest way to carry one large motorcycle. Canvas cover now available! Sport Chock This non-adjustable motorcycle wheel chock is perfect for Sport Bikes or any motorcycle with a sport bike size tire. BMWs, Ducatis, Hondas, Yamaha, Suzuki, or Kawasaki with 110mm to 130mm and 15" to 18" rims. ST-001 Single Sport Bike Trailer. A small single trailer for Sport Bikes. We ship this trailer to you for assembly. ST-002 Double Sport Bike Trailer. This motorcycle trailer holds two sport bikes for super easy loading and transport. Shipped to the customer for assembly. FB-001 Flatbed Trailer. This unit is built on our ST002 chassis and has a flat deck that can be fitted with chocks or left open for lawn equipment or ATVs. spor