Mistras Group
Bay Industrial Machine
817 Marquis Way., PO Box 28257 
Green Bay WI Wisconsin
United States 54304
Phone: +1 920 430 1117, Fax: +1 920 430 1121
Tags: Bay Green stampings strapping straps
Green Bay
Home Page Home Page | Home Page | | Company Information | | Company Profile | | Product Informatio n-Basset Handles | | Product Information-HVAC & Plumbing | | Product Information-Custom Stampings | | Manufacturing Plant (1) | | Manufacturing Plant ? (2) ? | | Shipping/Receiving, Warehousing, Customer & Service Departments | | Basset Handle Types | | Basset Custom Stampings | C & S Manufacturing Corporation Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Home of ?BASSET PRODUCTS? Basset Brackets A Contractor?s Best Friend HVAC & Plumbing Products B ARS : ? Pipe Support Bars, Stub Out Bars ; B RACKETS : ? Angle Brackets, Carrier Brackets, Pipe Positioning Brackets, Self-Nailing Brackets, Tab Brackets, Water Closet Brackets; Self-Nailing PEX Bracket, Tab PEX Brackets, Perforated Angle Mounting Brackets ; H ANGERS : ? P ipe Hangers, Band Hangers, Bell Hangers, Clevis Hangers , Round Duct Hangers, J Hook Hangers, Double J Hook Hangers, Wire Pipe Hooks, Copper Wire Hooks, Square Duct Hangers, Swivel J Hook Hangers, Tub Hangers, DWV Hangers; M ISCELLANEOUS : ? Dryer Vent Kit, Water Heater Support Kit, Washing Machine Pan, Water Heater Pan, Metal Stud Punch, Flex Duct Saddle, Water Heater Stand , Plastic Insulators; N AILERS : ? Flat Tube Nailers ; P LATES : ? Angle Bracket Plates, BOCA Plates, FHA Plates ; S TRAPS : ? Plain Banding Strap, Wire Duct Strap, Duct Strap, Plastic Half Strap, Perforated Strapping, Two Hole Pipe Straps, Plastic Strap ; S UPPORTS : ? PEX Bend Supports, Single Stud Supports, Double Stud Supports, Triple Stud Supports; PEX Bend Support ; S WIVEL RINGS : ? Adjustable Swivel Ring. Basset Handles HANDLES: ? Flat Handles, Round Handles, Wire Handles, Chest Handles, Utility Handles, Pull Handles, and Bail Handles. Custom Stampings Motor Capacitor Cases, Motor Capacitor Case Covers, Motor Conduit Boxes, Motor Conduit Box Covers, Motor Clamps, Motor Mounting Clamps, Resilient Motor Mounting Clamps, Motor Switch Guards, Motor Fan Guards, Yokes, Motor Baffles and Resilient Motor Bases. C & S Manufacturing Corporation produces m
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