Binsfeld Engineering, Inc.
4571 W MacFarlane 
Maple City MI Michigan
United States 49664
Phone: +1 231 334 4383, Fax: +1 231 334 4903
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Binsfeld Engineering Inc. :: Home HOME OUR COMPANY PRODUCTS APPLICATIONS TECH INFO TESTIMONIALS CONTACT US Binsfeld Engineering specializes in technology for transmitting sensor data from rotating sources. Ideal for measuring torque, Binsfeld telemetry can be used on any size shaft and installs quickly without machine disassembly or shaft modifications. Simply glue a sensor to the shaft, strap on a transmitter, then run the machine and record live torque data. 4571 W. MacFarlane Rd. Maple City, MI 49664 USA Phone: (+1)231.334.4383 Fax: (+1)231.334.4903 Toll Free: 800.524.3327 Site Map