Bondline Electronic Adhesives
756 N. Pastoria Ave 
Sunnyvale CA California
United States 94085
Phone: +1 408 830 9200
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Bondline Electronic Adhesives Adhesive by Application CATHETER CHIP CAPACITOR, SENSORS CHIP SCALE, BGA, SOLDER REFLOW CLASS VI, MEDICAL GRADE COIL TACKING DIE ATTACH DISK DRIVE ELECTRICAL GROUNDING ENCAPSULANTS FLIP CHIP UNDERFILL HEAT SINK ATTACH LCD OPTICS PROBE CARDS SEALANTS SEMICONDUCTOR GRADE SMART CARD SMT TAPE HEADS WET COIL WINDING Adhesive by Properties ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE FLEXIBLE HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANT LOW OUTGASSING LOW TEMPERATURE CURE MOISTURE RESISTANT NON-CORROSIVE, NON-TAILING, NON-BLEEDING POLYURETHANE SILOXANE SNAP CURE / RAPID CURE STRUCTURAL BONDLING THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE WITHSTAND HIGH HUMIDITY AND THERMAL CYCLING Adhesive by Surfaces ALUMINUM BRASS CERAMIC COPPER FERRITE GLASS GOLD LEAD MISMATCHED CTE NYLON PLASTIC POLYMIDE RUBBER SILVER SOLDER STAINLESS STEEL STEEL TUBING / PVC DIFFICULT-TO-BOND 756 N. Pastoria Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA Phone: 408.830.9200 Bondline Electronic Adhesives is a leading manufacturer of both premixed epoxy and film adhesives used in the electronics industry. Bondline supplies these high quality performance epoxy adhesives to companies in the semiconductor, disk drive, medical device, microelectronic and aerospace industries. Bondline Electronic Adhesives is committed to superior quality in adhesive products through dedication to product reliability, conformance to specifications and timely delivery. With the rapid pace of changing technology Bondline has distinguished itself as a reliable and responsive adhesive company serving customers worldwide. LOW OUT-GASSING ADHESIVES Bondline Electronic Adhesives is a Manufacturer of Disk Drive Grade Adhesives for: HGA Assemblies, Pico-Nano Slider Bonds, Voice Coil to Armatures, Bearing Cartiridge, Spindle Motor, HUB to Media, Magnet Assembly, Screw Taper Proofing ELECTRONIC GRADE ADHESIVES Bondline Electronic Adhesives is a Manufacturer of Electronic Grade Adhesives for: Die Attach, SMT, Heatsink, Underfill, Encapsulation PACKAGING ADHESIVES Bondline Electronic Adhesives Meeting CSP Requiremets as Manufactur