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Kent WA Washington
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Phone: +1 425 868 6446, Fax: +1 253 872 4127
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Diesel Generators - Industrial & Military Electric generators Home SiteMap Contact Us Natural Gas Generator Trailer Mounted Gensets Automatic Transfer Switches Home Request Quote How to Choose? Why Choose Diesel? Generator Sizing Generator Installation Generator Safety Mitsubishi 10-30kW Lister Petter 8-32kW John Deere 20-100kW John Deere 110-200kW John Deere 230-415kW Volvo 200 to 500kW Detroit 650-2000kW Trailer Generator Sets Portable Diesel Auto Transfer Switch Electrical Generator Power Generator Electric Generator Standby Generator Military Generators SDMO Diesel Troubleshooting Terminology Site Map Our Generators are Powered by World Class Engines. One of the Largest Selection of Diesel Generators , Home Generators and Industrial Generators Bowerspower — Your Source for Natural Gas, Propane and Diesel Generators At Bowerspower, we offer you the highest quality diesel generator, electric generator for military, industrial, commercial, and home use at discounted prices! We can provide you with generators , natural gas generators, or propane-powered generators. And we offer only the top quality diesel generator and electric generator products priced at or below our competition! All of our generators feature high quality diesel engines with worldwide parts and service support for all your generator needs. We offer: 2 Mega Watt diesel units for industrial diesel generator customers seeking heavy-duty industrial diesel backup or diesel prime power generators. Standby generators to home diesel users who are interested in a standby diesel or backup diesel electrical generators Please call Bowers for any diesel electrical generators! We Represent Three of the Most Well Respected Names in the World of Generators. Featuring engines by John Deere Diesel, Detroit Diesel, Mitsubishi Diesel, Volvo Industrial Diesel, Iveco Diesel and Lister Petter Diesel! Mitsubishi Diesel 10-30kW John Deere Diesel 40-275kW Volvo Diesel 300-550kW Detroit Diesel and MTU Diesel 650-2000kW Diesel Portable Generator 3300 and 6000 watts