Buckman Laboratories
1256 N McLean Blvd 
Memphis TN Tennessee
United States 38108
Phone: +1 901 272 6449, Fax: +1 571 434 4620
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Coatings and Adhesives
Buckman Laboratories - Water Treatment, Pulp & Paper, and Specialty Leather Chemicals Welcome To Buckman Laboratories International, Inc. Buckman Laboratories is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals for water treatment , pulp & paper , and leather industries. The company was founded on its unique ability to create and manufacture innovative solutions to control the growth of microorganisms. Today, we work with industry worldwide in providing advanced chemical treatment technologies and extensive technical service to solve complex industrial problems. Our expertise spans a broad range of specialty chemicals, including microbicides, scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, polymers, dispersants, and defoamers. View our 60th Anniversary brochure. Download our 2006 Annual Report. Please Read Our Disclaimer Home / Africa / Europe / North America / South America / Pacific Rim Copyright ? 2001-2003 Buckman Laboratories International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. For More Information contact webmaster@buckman.com or call 901.278.0330.