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Warwick RI Rhode Island
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Calgreg Electronics :: Calgreg Electronics Products : Manufacturers : Buy Online : Site Map Advanced Interconnections BGA Socket Adapter Systems Adapters & Sockets Board-to-Board High Speed Connectors Board Mount Connectors Circuit Assembly SCA2 Serial ATA Cable and Connectors Flat Cable & IDC Connectors DVI Products Cable Assemblies D-Subs ATAS Cable & Connectors Schroff cPCI & VME Enclosures Subracks Enclosures and Cabinets Cases Tyco / Electronics BGA Heatsinks INTEL/AMD Heatsinks Extrusions/Cold Forgings Custom Heatsinks Ault, Inc. Battery Chargers Switch-Mode Power Supplies Linears-Regulated Linears-Unregulated Transformers ISO Certificates ISO 9001:2000 BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Our Products Calgreg is an electronic component distributor specializing in semi-conductor adapters, sockets, interconnect, thermal management, and electronic packaging. Click here to view our complete product line. Our Manufacturers We represent some of the finest electronic component manufacturers in the world. In addition to the companies on the left, you may view our complete line of manufacturers by clicking here . Calgreg Thermal Solutions Smart-CLIP Heatsinks Thermal Solutions Spec Search Catalog Our Store At Calgreg, we want to offer our customers an array of services to assist with your order fulfillment needs. That?s why we have added our new shopping cart capability for standard products to our website. Please check back often as we continue to add new products and manufacturers to this feature. Our Role At Calgreg Electronics, Inc. we provide our customers with cost-effective solutions to their requirements by presenting the best product options for each specific application. Search words begin exact words any words part Featured Product: Please click to see the new products available thru Calgreg. Show me more... About Calgreg Electronics, Inc. Calgreg Electronics, Inc., 60 Alhambra, Suite 1, Warwick, RI 02886 ph. 1-888-732-6100 ~ fax. 1-401-738-6231 ~ sales@calgreg.com Designed & Maintained by 7th Pixel
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