Camie-Campbell, Inc.
9225 Watson Industrial Park 
St. Louis MO Missouri
United States 63126
Phone: +1 314 968 3222, Fax: +1 314 968 0741
Tags: injection lubricants molding
Camie Campbell, Inc: Aerosol and Bulk Industrial Specialty Chemicals Product Catalogs The Shelby Line? Private Label Products What's New Contacts About Us Warranties Camie-Campbell, Inc. 9225 Watson Industrial Park St. Louis, MO 63126 USA 800-325-9572 314-968-3222 Fax: 314-968-0741 E-mail: Private label formulations are an extensive part of our business. We address every aspect of research and development, production, quality control, packaging and labeling to ensure regulatory compliance. Our goal is customer satisfaction. Please contact us for consultation or quotation. All sales are strictly limited to the terms and conditions found on Camie-Campbell, Inc.'s acknowledgement , including a limited warranty and limitations on Camie-Campbell Inc.'s liabilities and buyer's remedies. All orders are subject to acceptance by Camie-Campbell, Inc. at its executive offices that are currently located at 9225 Watson Industrial Park, St. Louis, MO 63126-1581. Write, call, or e-mail for current pricing terms and conditions of sale and the name of your local distributor. Certain Camie-Campbell aerosol and bulk adhesives are not recommended for unsupported vinyl. Certain plastic and elastomeric substrates can exhibit bond failure due to plasticizer migration. Combinations of high temperature and humidity can promote bond failure.