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Campbell Scientific, Inc.
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Logan UT Utah
United States 84321
Phone: 435.753.2342
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Commercial Products
Campbell Scientific, Inc. Campbell Scientific manufactures dataloggers , data acquisition systems , and measurement and control products used worldwide in research and industry. Our instrumentation is known for its flexibility, precision measurements, and dependability— even in harsh, remote environments . Whether you need one datalogger, an entire weather station network, a hydrologic gauging station, or a data recorder for automotive testing, Campbell Scientific can help meet your measurement needs. We invite you to review our datalogger product line, look at our sensor and telecommunication options, and visit our solutions pages. Contact us to determine your long-term and short-term instrumentation needs. Current Weather : 71.8°F Wind 9.6 mph SSE Wind Chill 71.8°F Solar 59 wm -2 Baro 30.0 inHg RH 71.0% Precip (day) 0.2 in Current Weather : 22.1°C Wind 4.3 ms -1 SSE Wind Chill 22.1°C Solar 59 wm -2 Baro 1015 mb RH 71.0% Precip (day) 5.6 mm show metric units Read Our Latest Newsletter Read the January 2007 edition of our newsletter to learn about our newest products, including our CS110-based lightning warning system, foreign-language versions of LoggerNet software, the Leaf Wetness Sensor from Decagon, and LoggerNet for Linux. What's New 43502 R. M. Young Compact Aspirated Shield CR850 Datalogger CS106 Vaisala PTB110 Barometer ET107 ETo Monitoring Station RF450 900-MHz, 1-W Spread-Spectrum Radio Featured Solution Geotechnical Campbell Scientific stand-alone data acquisition systems are versatile, rugged,... more Featured Product LoggerNet LoggerNet is computer software for Campbell Scientific dataloggers. It supports... more Featured System CSBUOY-NS Campbell Scientific's CSBUOY-NS is a wireless, floating, self-contained package... more Featured Case Study Washington State Ferries: Mobile Weather Stations Mobile weather stations have been installed on several ferries in the State of Washington... more Search United States Australia Canada United Kingdom France Germany Italy Spain Choose yo
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