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Welcome to CEJN - www.cejn.com Home CEJN Products Technology News Download Links Contact News CEJN's Success at the Auto Service Show 2007 in Japan E.A.R.S.- The New Revolutionary Invention CEJN exhibits at the 9th Mioge international Oil & Gas Exhibition Visit CEJN on the VDMA booth at Bauma CEJN Head Office - CEJN AB Visiting address: Hasslumsvägen 33, SKÖVDE, SWEDEN Postal address: P.O. Box 245, SE-541-25 SKÖVDE, SWEDEN Delivery address: Batterivägen 2, SE-541 34 SKÖVDE, SWEDEN Phone: +46 (0)500-47 75 00 Fax: +46 (0)500-48 07 16 Email: info@cejn.com (General inquiries and information requests) World Supplier of High Performance Couplings and Coupling Systems for Compressed Air, High- and Low Pressure Hydraulics, Breathing Air and Fluids New Invention Revolutionizes the Use of Compressed Air. The Australian invention E.A.R.S (Exhausted Air Recycling System) has the potential to revolutionize the compressed air industry. And CEJN is proud to supply the couplings, nipples and hoses for the system. The closed loop system recycles the used compressed air from the tools back into the compressor. Resulting in increased compressor capacity, lower noise levels and a dramatic reduction in energy use. We are pleased to supply the coupling and hose solution for the system. The integrated twin coupling is based on the renowned CEJN series 320 coupling. By integrating two couplings in one sleeve we have given the users an easy handled tool connection and disconnection. GLOBAL - CEJN AB © Copyright CEJN AB 2007 Sitemap