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Cementex Latex Corp.
121 Varick St 
New York NY New York
United States 10013
Phone: +1 212 741 1770, Fax: +1 212 627 2770
Tags: compounds latex resins urethane
Cementex Latex Corp. | Manufacturer of Mold Making Supplies home | company info | contact us | customer login | view cart Architectural Restoration Cast Stone / Brick Veneer Ornamental Concrete Candle Making Mask Making / Casting Latex Natural Latex Compounds Polyurethane Compounds Silicone Compounds Foam Latex Polyester Resins Life Casting Release Agents Fab-Tone Colors How To Thickening Agents Clay Miscellaneous Specials New Products Learning Center - Casting Latex - History of Natural Latex - Latex for Special Effects - Life Casting - Latex Mold Making - RTV Mold Making - FAQ ------------------------------- - Mold Making Manual ------------------------------- Terms of Use Privacy Policy Welcome to Cementex Latex Manufacturers of molding and casting compounds. Our product range covers Natural Latex, Polyurethanes, Silicones and Resins. Natural Latex #80, Latex #874, Ceco Powder, and ZeroGel. Molding and casting compounds for architectural restoration, brick veneer, cast stone, cultured stone, candle making, and ornamental concrete. Click To Enlarge #80 Latex Your Price $40.00 Click To Enlarge #874 Latex Your Price $40.00 Click To Enlarge Green Kote Silicone Your Price $120.00 Click To Enlarge Zero Gel 1:1 40 Your Price $92.35 Click To Enlarge AquaBlock RFU Sealant - Gallon
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