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Nefab, Global Complete Packaging Solutions Company
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Nefab's industrial packaging & crating solutions consist of the outer packaging,
inner protective packaging, and packaging accessories.

Nefab is well known when it comes to export certified plywood crates thanks to
their nail free, collapsible, export packaging system. In addition to being a
world renowned crating company, Nefab also manufactures products such as
pallet collars, returnable packaging containers, custom wooden crates,
containerization, shipping crates, military packaging, no nail boxes packing,
lightweight plywood pallets, and many other product specific packaging
solutions in Texas, San Diego, California, New York, Atlanta, and New England.

Being in business for over 60 years, Nefab has acquired strong packaging
competence in many industries, including packaging for Telecom, Energy,
Healthcare, Aerospace, Vehicles, and Industry among others. With locations in
over 35 countries, Nefab has the unique ability to help its customers
standardize their packaging on a global scale, and assist with both inbound and
outbound packaging concerns.