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index Your browser does not support script Coastal Environmental Systems designs, engineers, and manufactures professional meteorological weather stations for environmental monitoring. We build AWOS, ASOS, AWSS, and SAWS stations for aviation and the FMQ-19 for the U.S. Air Force. We manufacture shipboard weather stations, portable weather stations, and all sizes and types of military weather stations. We build fixed base weather systems, tactical weather stations, and portable weather stations. Coastal manufactures quick-deployable HazMat weather stations, designed specifically for First Responders. We design and build meteorological solutions to respond to terrorist threats and for Homeland Security safety. Coastal has weather stations at the North and South Poles, in de serts, rain forests and even meteorological stations for ships and buoys. We currently build meteorological systems for the Air Force, Navy, FAA, Marines, Army, National Weather Service, and for many Foreign Militaries. Weather Stations Defense Meteorology Aviation HazMat Service & Support Site Map About Coastal What's New Resellers Section (206) 682-6048 / (800) 488-8291 Copyright 2006 Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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