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Columbus Instruments International Multi-Language Support* : Spainsh German Italian French Portugese Korean Chinese Columbus Instruments manufactures instrumentation for monitoring Behavior and Physiology in lab animals (non-human), as well as instrumentation for Environmental research. 950 N. Hague Ave; Columbus, OH 43204 U.S.A. Phone: [614] 276.0861 Toll Free: [800] 669.5011 Fax: [614] 276.0529 Email: sales@colinst.com This site best viewed with: CONTACT US Sales Department End User Support Website Issues Employment Opportunities CREDIT CARD ORDERS Order Form     SEARCH WEBSITE ?? FEATURED PRODUCTS Metabolic System Exercise Treadmill End Tidal CO2 O2/CO2 Respirometer Dynamic Gas Mixer NEW DEVELOPMENTS Sleep Detection Home-cage Mouse Wheel Oxymax Room Sensor Pig Calorimetery Chamber Rat Running Wheel Canine Treadmill Multiple Feeders for CLAMS MORE ... WELCOME ↓ Click on a Category for Product Listings ↓ Animal Environmental All Products Activity Analgesia Anxiety Avoidance Monitor Blood Pressure Calorimetry Capnography Cardiac Output Convulsion Coordination Data Acquisition Drinking End-Tidal CO2 Exercise Feeding Gait Analysis Grip Strength Mazes Respiration Rotation Startle Response Temperature Treadmill Ventilator All Products Gas Analysis Gas Blending Gas Drying Respirometery Animal Activity Meter: Auto Track An interface to Windows compatible computers that provides complete automation of data collection (location / position & activity) from as many as 8 Columbus Instruments Opto-Varimex-3 photocell activity monitors Animal Activity Meter: Multi-Varimex Individual IR beam activity monitor for mazes or home cages Animal Activity Meter: Opto M3 Modular activity monitor for use with normal home cages with easy integration with other systems for feeding, drinking, and metabolic performance. Animal Activity Meter: Opto-Varimex-3 Photocell-based activity monitor. It is based on the traditional infrared photocell principle and has since been enhanced with new capabilities Animal Activity Mete
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