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Textiles and Nonwovens Fabrics Converters
fabric lamination and fabric laminating services from Cooper Fabrics Click image for a larger view Cooper Fabrics is a hot melt fabric Laminator with an extensive Converting Operation . Our fabric Lamination process is both unique and versatile. We have the ability to use many and varied adhesive systems, both breathable and non-breathable. Some of the hot melt adhesives we have at our disposal are Polyester, Polyamide, Copolyester, Copolyamide, Polyurethane, and PVC. We can handle fabrics and films up to 68" wide and have the ability to laminate three fabrics together in one operation. Fabric lamination is an important segment of our business. We pride ourselves in excellent service, reliability, and attention to detail. Our family has always been involved in the textile industry. In 1956 we purchased the fabric converting company Bennett & Goding, and added our name to those of the founders to maintain continuity and name recognition. The scope of our business has changed considerably over the years, as has our trade name. We not only inventory many more and varied Fabrics , we also have our own hot melt fabric lamination facility which has expanded our services immensely. If there is one area in which we pride ourselves the most, it is our integrity and service to our customers. Our aim is to be your best and most reliable vendor. Lamination | Converting | Fabrics Inventoried Contact Us | Home | Site Map Contents Copyright © 1998–2005 Cooper Fabrics, All Rights Reserved.