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Creative Urethanes, Inc. Home Why Creative Urethanes Our Services Case Studies About Creative Urethanes Contact Us CAST URETHANE PRODUCTS & RIM MOLDINGS Long Fiber Technology has arrived... Click here for more details. By constantly searching for new and creative solutions outside of traditional paths, Creative Urethanes has built and maintained a distinct reputation as a urethane industry leader. ISO 9001:2000 Certified Certificate #FM40706 Sales Terms & Conditions Creative Urethanes is the right choice. Over the past 30 years, our business philosophy has never changed - present the problem and if it should be solved with urethane, Creative Urethanes will solve it. We have taken hundreds of concepts and turned them into reality by serving our customers needs. The industrial applications of urethanes are almost limitless! Within an industrial setting, you can benefit from urethane products where rubber, steel, aluminum, and other plastic processes are now being used. Economic Molds ... Molds are often made directly from your prototype components. For cast molding parts, RIM tooling (alum) is also very competitive. Durability ... Hardness ranges from the flexibility of Jello-like components to the rigidity associated with nylon gears. (Shore 20A to Shore 75D). Solvent Resistance ... Urethane provides excellent oil and solvent resistance. Machinability ... Harder urethane compounds can be machined, drilled and tapped on standard metal working equipment. Softer compounds can be ground. Abrasive Resistance ... It is common for urethane cast components replacing metal, rubber and plastics to have life improvements of 3 to 1. Noise ... Urethane components help reduce noise in many applications. Electrical ... Urethanes feature a favorable combination of electrical properties, i.e., resistivity, dielectric strength, dielectric constant and power factor. Impact Resistance ... Even the hardest urethanes have significantly better impact resistance than plastics. Colors ... A rainbow of colors is available. Weight ... Ureth