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Cress Manufacturing Company
4736 Convair Dr 
Carson City NV Nevada
United States 89706
Phone: +1 626 296 5561, Fax: +1 626 296 5113
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Cress Mfg. Home Cress Kilns & Furnaces Ceramics, Pottery, Porcelain, China Painting, Glass...... IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES! Welcome! Tools for Innovation ...... Welcome to Cress Mfg. Company, a Nevada Corporation Ceramic kilns Dual heat treat furnaces Front loading kilns Ceramic and glass kilns, Box heat treat furnaces, Laboratory furnaces , drop bottom aluminum furnaces. Welcome ! Our hours are Monday thru Thursday 6: 0 0 AM-4:30 PM. Pacific Time. Electric furnaces, annealing furnaces , hardening furnaces , glass kilns , technical ceramics kilns , quartz furnaces , assaying furnaces with venting options , jewelry kilns , dental furnaces , & laboratory furnaces . Patented exhaust systems are now available on most furnaces . Ceramic kilns: Three year kiln warranty including elements leads the industry . Both sectional and one piece models are now available. Chose the brand with the highest quality and most accessories. We are here for you. Achieve better colors with the New patented delay start Clean Air exhaust systems which are available for most Cress kilns upon request.! New features include stopping fan at pre-set temperature and restarting at 1000 ? F to gently cool to 140 ? F, when it turns off for unloading. You get a little quicker cool down with the best annealed and strongest pieces possible. This unit is now certified by CSA and certified to UL standard 499 for use on Cress kilns. It reduces cross contamination of firing colors by exhausting the fumes separately from the top, middle, and bottom. Contact Information For sales call us from anywhere in the US and Canada call 800.423.4584. English and Spanish are spoken here. Outside the United States call 775.884.2777. For technical support call 775.884.4397 Telephone Sales 775-884-2777 or 800-423-4584 FAX 775-884-2991 From Mexico call 001-800-419-1139 Postal address 4736 Convair Dr., Carson City, NV 89706 Electr onic mail : cressmfg@earthlink.net Art@cresskilns.com