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Cresset Chemical Company
One Cresset Center, Box 367 
Weston OH Ohio
United States 43569
Phone: +1 419 669 2041, Fax: +1 419 669 2200
Tags: aerosols cleaners Concrete latex sprayers varnishes
Save $200,000 on Improved Productivity Concerning Form Care, OSHA & EPA. Cresset Chemical Company is an innovator in Release Agents, Curing Compounds, Sealers, Hand Cleaners and other products for the concrete construction industry. Even now after 61 years Cresset continues to develop New Chemistry "Green" products to safely meet your production, environmental and OSHA requirements. Cresset distributors span the USA and Canada, with selected locations worldwide. Form Release Agents Cures Seals Etc. Form Treatments Testimonials Contacts Specs MSDS Properties Form Sprayers Order FREE Literature Cleaners Instructional Literature Regulations Trade Shows Related Industry Links Aerosols CRESSET CHEMICAL COMPANY One Cresset Center, Box 367 Weston, OH 43569 800-367-2020 (USA & Canada) Other 419-669-2041 * FAX 419.669.2200 Cresset Information & Products Click on any of the following headings to obtain more information. Please enter contact information on Order FREE Literature page to receive additional information via post office. Form Release Agents Cresset Crete-Lease ? Release Agents give you the quickest, most economical way to produce high visual impact concrete and specify the surface you want before you pour. Crete-Lease Release Agents meet all environmental regulations in any state. Non-toxic, non-flammable, oil-based or water-based. (Includes Table of Properties , 3-Part CSI Specification and CCS Guide.) "Release Agents-How They Work", Concrete International , pages 52-54, October 1997. An article written by George Baty and Rick Reynolds of Cresset Chemical Company. Get your copy now from the American Concrete Institute or request a FREE reprint from Cresset Chemical Company. Discusses types of concrete form release agents, how they work, application methods, VOC's and more. Cures/Seals/Etc. Use to cure fresh concrete surfaces and seal cured concrete. All meet ASTM and AASHTO specifications. They physically combine with the surface matrix of the concrete...m