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New Orleans LA Louisiana
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Phone: +1 504 347 9292, Fax: +1 504 347 8900
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Energy and Environment Waste Management Spill Containment and Remediation
CRUCIAL, Inc. A Leader in Oil Spill Control Equipment: Oil Skimmers, Containment Boom, Oil Sorbents, Spill Kits, Pumps, and Power Packs CRUCIAL, Inc. Products For A Cleaner Environment Today is: Wednesday, July 25 2007 Site Map Home :: Main Menu Home Oil Spill Products Wastewater Treatment Brochures Customer List Photo Library News Web Links Contact Us Information Request Registered Users Login ... Username Password Lost Password ? No account yet? Create one here Who's online There is currently 3 guests and 0 members online :: Newsflash ! Welcome to the new CRUCIAL, Inc. website. We've expanded beyond a static website to a dynamic portal. Now, we will be better able to provide content and relevant information to both customers and Crucial registered users. Check back often because we will be adding new content periodically in the coming weeks. Welcome to CRUCIAL, Inc. 31 Dec 1969 CRUCIAL, Inc. is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of a full line of wastewater treatment, oil spill control products, and equipment which serves the growing worldwide need for pollution control. CRUCIAL's founder and personnel bring together many years of experience in the fields of engineering, production, marine operation, on-site spill recovery, equipment installation, complete "packaged" pollution control systems, spill response planning, and personnel training. CRUCIAL's products include: Oil Skimmers : - Oleophilic Mop Wringer Systems - Foilex Archimedes Screw-Type Skimmers - Hollis Paddle-Type, Self Powered Skimmers - ORD Oleophilic Disc Skimmers - Vacuum Systems and Equipment - ZRV Catamaran Mop Skimmers - Anti-Pollution Workboats Oil Containment Devices: - Inflatable Containment Booms - Fire Proof Containment Booms - Shore/Tidal Guard Containment Boom - Solid Flotation Booms and Turbidity Barriers - Towable Oil Bladders and Fast Erect Pools - High Current Sweep Oil Sorbents : - Viscous Oil Moppets and Viscous Sorbent Boom - Hand Mops and Sorbent Wringers - Biodegradable Sorbents - Polypropylene Pads, Rolls, Booms, etc.