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Industrial Keyboards | Industrial Mouse | Industrial Joysticks | Industrial Trackballs from CTI Electronics Home Products Drawings Specifications RFQ Contact Us About Us About Us Press Releases Press Releases Industries Industries Warranty & Repairs Warranty & Repairs Careers Careers CTI Electronics Corporation What's NEW CTI Electronics Corporation has been a leading global supplier of rugged, industrial grade, standard and custom Human Machine Interface solutions for over 20 years. CTI offers a product line of high quality, standard and custom Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) such as industrial keyboards, industrial input devices(the original LightStick , Industrial Mouse , FlightStick , ARROWMOUSE , OrbitalMouse ), industrial joysticks, and industrial trackballs. These industrial computer input devices are produced for both OEM and End User applications. CTI is a technological leader in the design of innovative ergonomic solutions. Since its inception all products have been based on modular design technology for a high mix-match ratio of offerings and rapid manufacturing. Modular design technology produces a wide array of standard sub-assemblies, which allows greater flexibility for custom input devices (e.g. sidewinder joystick, ergonomic industrial keyboard, trackball mouse) and enables cost-competitive manufacturing; even at lower quantities. Keyboards Pointing Devices Joysticks Trackballs Copyright © 2001-2007 by CTI Electronics Corporation.All Rights Reserved CTI Electronics Corporation / 110 Old South Avenue, Stratford, CT 06615 / Tel: (203)386-9779 / Fax: (203)378-4986 / Sales / Tech
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