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Cuming Microwave products, microwave and rf absorbers and low loss dielectrics CUMING MICROWAVE PRODUCT CATALOG View complete line of Cuming Microwave Products ... RF Absorbers / Microwave Absorbers We manufacture a complete line of RF Absorbers ... Anechoic Chambers We provide supplies and engineering assistance for the design of shielded anechoic facilities ... Pyramidal Absorbers/ Freespace Materials We produce an extensive line of high performance pyramidal and convoluted absorbers ... Dielectric Materials We produce a full line of low loss dielectric materials ... Syntactic Foam We are the leading supplier of a series of Syntactic Foams designed for low loss and low dielectric constant ... Radomes and Radar Absorbing Structures We manufacture a variety of Radomes and Radar Absorbing Structures designed to meet specific customer requirements ... Adhesives and Electrically Conductive Materials We supply electrically conductive adhesives, sealants and coatings for EMI/RFI isolation and electrical path continuity ... Cuming Microwave Corporation 225 Bodwell Street Avon, MA 02322 USA tel: 800-432-6464 / 508-580-2660 fax: 508-584-2309 e-mail : Cuming Microwave Home | About Us | Satisfied Customers | Related Links | What's New | Contact Us | Need Help Dielectric Materials | RF Absorbers | Anechoic Chambers | Syntactic Foam | Radomes | Adhesives | Freespace Cuming Corporation | Cuming-Lehman Chambers Copyright © Cuming Microwave Corporation. All rights reserved. Technical comments on website to: Barry Goverman
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