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Daniels Manufacturing Corporation KEYWORD SEARCH Search product descriptions Have questions regarding our Products? Send an email to onlinesales@dmctools.com or call 407-855-6161. Daniels Manufacturing Corporation A Leader in Tool Systems & Technology for the Aerospace, Military and Telecommunications Industries. Complete capability for maintenance and production applications. These kits have all the tools and information required to support an entire aircraft wiring system (or sub-system). A complete line of Adapter Tools and Torque Tools for holding and torquing circular connectors during the installation and removal of accessories (backshell, strain relief, or EMI/RFI shielding hardware). An extensive line of manual, pneumatic, and hydraulic tools and accessories used to crimp contacts, terminals, and other wiring system components onto power and coaxial conductors. Metal and plastic tools specifically designed to insert and remove contacts from electrical connectors. DMC can provide cross reference to most tools supplied by connector manufacturers. Complete in-factory repair and recalibration services are provided for all products manufactured by DMC. The Complete Fastener Retention System. Safe-T-Cable will improve the efficiency and quality of your assembly operations. Safe-T-Cable may be substituted, in most applications for hand twisted lockwire. Tensile Test Systems for Wire Termination and Similar Applications, featuring Alphatron . Hand and pneumatic tools and accessories used to precisely remove wire insulation when preparing the conductor for termination. ■ Banding Tools ■ Crimp Mate ■ Contact Retention Test Tools ■ Fiber Optic Cleave Tools ■ Skin Clamp Tools ■ Swaging Tools M39029 Connector and Contact Cross Reference The DMC Store DMC Worldwide Support DMC , 526 Thorpe Road, Orlando, FL 32824-8133 USA Tel: 407-855-6161 * Fax: 407-855-6884 * Email: dmc@dmctools.com Send email to Webmaster@dmctools.com with questions or comments about this web site. Terms and Condi
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