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Darcor Casters Limited - Ergonomically Designed Casters and Wheels Introducing Darcor's Kingpinless Caster, The Commando: Used where ergonomics is critical. The Commando provides a high tolerance to shock and impact loading, while offering the benefits of low maintenance and long life. Darcor's kingpinless caster is designed to substantially reduce push/pull and swivel forces on the operator. SE Wheel - Strength, Reliability and Extended Life: It takes so little force to move an ‘SE’ wheel that one person can easily manoeuvre a 1200 kg load. (PDF 46K) Automotive Casters Darcor is the trusted supplier of many automotive plants, major industrial facilities and material handling fabricators. Darcor's ergonomically designed kingpinless, 400, 700 and 800 series casters meet the continuously changing demands of the automotive market. Hospital - Institutional Casters For over 60 years, hospitals, cafeterias and homes for the aged all over the world have relied on Darcor's quiet Neoprene wheel. Darcor Casters and Ergoweb Release Ergonomic White Paper: The Ergonomics of Manual Material Handling - Pushing and Pulling Tasks. Reducing Overexertion Injuries Sign up to participate in Darcor's cutting edge webinar Reducing Overexertion Injuries - the Darcor Return on Investment (DROI). Quality All the Way There’s a new emphasis on quality at Darcor these days. Not quality of product – that’s a given for the Toronto-based manufacturer of industrial casters. But quality as it relates to such activities as process flow, parts rationalization and timely delivery to the customer. Choosing a helping hand The advent of lean manufacturing practices has changed attitudes toward plant equipment, often resulting in the use of simpler mobile devices such as handcarts. It is now common to find plants that use handcarts for a variety of purposes, yet it is surprising how little thought is given to their ergonomic design. Making a great thing better When you make something so good that people take it for granted, c