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Industrial and Laboratory Cleaners and Assembly Lubricants - International
Quality Industrial and Laboratory Cleaners and Assembly Lubricants An ISO-
Certified Company Order a FREE sample today. You be the judge! We'll rush you
a sample for your toughest tests. Company Profile Since 1923, International
Products Corporation has produced the finest line of specialty cleaners and
lubricants . Our products serve commercial, industrial and laboratory customers
worldwide. IPC products are effective and safe for workers and the environment.
All products are fragrance and dye free! All cleaners are highly concentrated
and USDA compliant. In addition, all products are stocked for Quick Shipping!
The company operates from a custom-designed facility constructed in 1990.
Situated on a four-acre site, this 20,000 square-foot building incorporates
state-of-the-art processing, packaging and warehousing operations.
Extraordinary steps were taken to make this facility safe for employees and the
environment and to assure that the products made there meet the highest
standards of quality. An on-site laboratory is equipped for analytical work and
for research on new and improved products. US Office: International Products
Corporation PO Box 70 Burlington NJ 08016-0070 United States Tel: 609-386-
8770 Fax: 609-386-8438 E-mail: mkt@ipcol.com European Office:
International Products Corporation Unit 5, Green Lane Business Park 238 Green
Lane London SE9 3TL United Kingdom Tel: 020-8857-5678 Fax: 020-8857-
1313 Email: saleseurope@ipcol.com Asian Distributors China: Mr. Zhao Jiahui,
General Manager Beijing International Agricultural Development Center Library
Building, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences No. 12, South St.,
Zhongguancun, Beijing 10081 PRC Tel: 86-10-6891-9923 Fax: 86-10-6897-
5769 Email: iadc@mail.caas.net.cn Website: www.china-ipc.com Japan: Mr.
Hiroyasu Watanabe TOHO KK 1-13, Matsue 1-Chome Edogawa-Ku, Tokyo 132-
0025 Japan Tel: 81 (0) 3 3654-6611 Fax: 81 (0)
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