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Microwave Components, Inc. As a leading manufacturer of air coils for microelectronics applications, Microwave Components, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of standard components as well as components that are custom engineered to meet the widest possible range of inductance requirements. The entire line is available in a variety of wire materials that includes copper, gold, silver, and specific alloys. Within this selection, configurations include spaced coils, coated and tinned coils, and alloy metal coils that offer resistive inductance. All of these coils afford multi-octave performance, high " Q", and low loss. Other features provide controlled self-resonance and mechanical soundness for in-circuit handling. Applications include all popular circuits such as mixers, filters, modulators, multipliers, oscillators, and switches. Microwave Components, Inc. P.O. Box 4132 South Chelmsford, MA 01824 Phone: 978-256-8251 Fax: 978-256-9953 Text only version © 2002 Microwave Components, Inc. Design By Mekanics