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Lab Supplies, Plastic Labware & Science Equipment - Dynalab Corp. Home | About Us | Specials | Clearance | News | View Cart | View Account Quick Search: HOME PRODUCTS Reusable Single Use Equipment Stuart Carbolite Custom TECHNICAL SPECS Plastic Properties Mr. Plastic Stuart Manuals Carbolite Manuals Data Sheets LITERATURE FAQ BioCote Carbolite Fabrication General Reuseable Single Use Stuart CONTACT US Welcome to Dynalab Corp. A division of Barloworld Scientific, world renowned manufacturer of Azlon plastic lab supplies, Sterilin plastic labware and Stuart benchtop science equipment, Carbolite furnaces, ovens and incubators, Techne and Jenway science instruments. >> Stuart Online Promo - FREE INFRARED THERMOMETER click for details! << Science Equipment : the Stuart range of benchtop science equipment comprising over 100 products from block heaters and blood tube rotators to shakers, stirrers and water baths is now protected by Biocote, a proven antimicrobial protection. LATEST NEWS: Barloworld Scientific USA has launched BioCote antimicrobial protection on Stuart Techne TC-3000 "Personal" Thermal Cycler now available! Microwave Assist Technology in the works on Carbolite MRF box furnaces Ovens, Furnaces & Incubators: Carbolite product range includes box, tube and bottom and top loading furnaces, laboratory, high temperature, clean room and gas tight ovens, and laboratory incubators, and assorted optional accessories. Reusable Plastics: Azlon make over 1200 reusable plastic lab supplies for broad range of applications in the modern laboratory including plastic bottles, wash bottles, plastic measuring cylinders, jugs and burettes. Disposable Plastics : Sterilin supply a wide range of disposable plastic lab supplies for medical and research laboratories including Petri dishes, sample containers and pipettes. Also tissue culture plasticware from the leading edge cell biology company Iwaki. Custom Plastic Fabrication: Dynalab Corp's custom plastic fabrication facility manufactures many products fo