Edison Coatings, Inc.
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Waterbury CT Connecticut
United States 06001
Phone: +1 203 597 9727, Fax: +1 203 597 8044
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Masonry and Stone Masonry Restoration and Maintenance
Masonry Restoration and Concrete Flooring Restoration Products - Edison Coatings, Inc. Home Products Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) News Calendar of Events Technical Training Contact Us BUY! PAGE LINKS Complete Product Listing by Number Stone Restoration Products Lime-Based Repointing Mortars Breathable Masonry Coatings Stucco Restoration Products Structural Repair Products Crack & Joint Sealants Weatherproofing Treatments Waterproof Elastomeric Coatings Masonry Consolidants Mineral Coatings & Stains Epoxy Seamless Flooring Chemical Resistant Linings & Coatings Concrete Deck Coatings Concrete & Masonry Adhesives Custom Patching Compounds for Historic Terra Cotta, Limestone, Sandstone, Brownstone, Marble, Granite, Stucco & Concrete Terra Cotta Restoration & Reglazing Products About Edison Coatings, Inc.... Edison Coatings, Inc. Products are manufactured in the United States of America. Griffith Observatory A new finish coating has been applied to the restored Los Angeles Landmark Griffith Observatory. Over 1,500 gallons of Elastowall 351 were applied, in a custom color matched to original finishes. Owner: City of Los Angeles Architect: Levin & Associates Consultant: Simpson Gumpertz Heger Contractor: Randall MacAnany Third Annual American Natural Cement Conference Sept. 5-8, 2007 Syracuse, NY & the Erie Canal PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Rosendale Natural Cement TM is now in production at Edison Coatings, Inc. This authentic masonry material was used in the construction of thousands of buildings and structures from 1825 to 1956, and is now available for repair/replacement in kind on historic restoration projects. Edison Coatings has a new web site devoted exclusively to Rosendale Natural Cement TM technology. Click the link to visit rosendalecement.net . GALLERIES Case Studies Confirm Color Retention of Custom 45 Brownstone Patch Visit the GALLERIES Index Page Terra Cotta Restoration Photo Gallery