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Electronics and Electrical Instrumentation Temperature
Temperature Solutions - Electronic Development Labs, Inc. HOME PAGE We at EDL would like to wish our customers a wonderful New Year for 2007. HOT NEW PRODUCTS! PRODUCT CATALOG! Electronic Development Labs, Inc. Toll-Free: 800-342-5335 Ph: 434-799-0807 / Fax: 434-799-0847 Manufacturers discounts and Quantity price breaks are available on All items. Please inquire! Home GENERAL INFORMATION Catalog request Driving directions EDL Contacts Page EDL Newsletter Misc. Information Site Map Site search Trade Show Schedule METROLOGY Calibration Laboratory Cryo-Cal Cryogenic Comparator Cryo-Cal-ll Cryogenic Cryostat Dual Black Body Calibrator FUR1200 Mini Ultra Bath Onsite Installation & Service Practical Silicone fluids Salt for Heat transfer Single Black Body Infrared Calibrator Surface Transfer Standard Surface Transfer Standard - SC Temperature Calibrators Ultra-Bath SENSORS Air/Gas Adhesive sensors Holders Mini Versatile Surface Needle/Immersion Platinum Reference Roller Contact Specialty - SPPT Surface Thermocouple Wire Versatile Surface HANDHELD INSTRUMENTS Analog Pyrometers Digital Pyrometers Infrared Products Microprocessor Instrument Pyrometer Accessories MOUNTED INSTRUMENTS Panel Mount Digital Pyrometers Temperature Controllers Portable Pre-wired Controllers Temperature Transmitters Recorders Data acquisition Data Loggers Medical Products Chiropractic Instrumentation Disinfectant Mold Remediation Online Presentations Surface Temperature Transfer Standard NCSLI - 08/2003 Other Items Accessory Items Compression fittings Data Loggers High Temperature Textiles Thermocouple switch (small) Thermocouple switch (large) Thermocouple to millivolt convertor Weighing/Counting Scales Engineering Information Custom Sensors Analog Meter Uncertainty Sensor Application notes Instrument Application notes EDL Tool & Die NEW ONLINE SHOPPING Territories Available For Established Technical Sales/Engineering Representatives! Contact Director of Industrial Products EDL product catalog pages are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Pl