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Bar Code Labels - EIMINC 800-535-6987 We provide barcode labels and bar code solutions where durable moisture, heat and solvent resistant bar code labeling is needed. Whether you need consecutively numbered paper, polyester, polyimide and other plastic labels - or you need a completely integrated bar code tracking solution, we can help. We support medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, warehouse, library and industrial tracking applications with hardware, software, supplies, and services. We offer everything from blank labels for thermal transfer and laser printers to complete bar code label printing and tracking systems. If you don't immediately see what you need on our web site just contact our Label Experts at 800-535-6987 Laboratory Tracking Solutions for Slides, Vials and Plates Labels for Pharmaceutical, Genetics, and Other Laboratory uses. Government and Military Labeling and Tracking Solutions Document Tracking, ID Badges, and other applications. Industrial and Harsh Environments Industrial Application and Extremes for Bar Codes. Property, Assets and Security Labels and Tracking Solutions Corporate Assets , Property Marking , Security Features Lumber Tags and Tracking Solutions Furniture Manufacturing and other Wood Processing. Electronics Manufacturing Labels High Temperature Soldering, UL , Rating Plates , cable labels . Book, Periodical and Document Tracking Solutions Public and Academic Libraries. Legal, Banking and Insurance. Distribution and Retail Tracking Solutions Warehouse, Distribution , Retail , UPC / EAN Bar Codes. Labels and Supplies Software and Services Hardware Property & Asset Labels Labels for Laser & InkJet Printers UPC / EAN Labels Cable Labels / Wire Marking Labels with Security Features Labels for Mini Printers Printed labels with Bar Code s Blank Thermal Labels Thermal Transfer Ribbons Barcode Software Home Bar Code Label Printing Custom Label Design To discuss your label application contact our Label Experts 1-800-535-6987 Request for Label Quote Catalog Request Label Printers Home