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EMAC, Inc. Equipment Monitor and Control / Manufacturer of Single Board Computers, Microcontrollers, PC/104 Modules and Microprocessor Training Systems. Custom and Semi-custom engineering services also available. Single Board Computers Microprocessor Training Systems Custom Engineering & Manufacturing Welcome to EMAC, Inc. Thank you for your time and your interest in our company and our products. . Our staff takes great pride in the service and reliability provided with every product we sell. . EMAC products incorporate the highest quality parts. . In addition, EMAC provides integration, testing, configuration, and technical support with every unit regardless of quantity. . Upon request, we can schedule multiple shipments for bulk orders (some restrictions apply). . We look forward to your business, not once but time and time again. EMAC welcomes you to subscribe to the EMAC EMAIL Newsletter . This is a quarterly newsletter sent directly to you through e-mail. The newsletter is about new products, promotions and updates. The newsletter is free and you can cancel at any time. EMAC's Embedded Linux 2.6 distribution has been thoroughly tested throughout our customer applications. Linux is fully supported on virtually all of our PC-SBCs. EMAC can now pre-install Linux on a Flash drive or Hard disk for free when ordered with one of our PC Compatible SBCs! EMAC's Embedded Linux Starter Kit (LSK) contains everything you need to get familiar with Embedded Linux Systems. Included with the LSK is a 486DX5-133MHz Single Board Computer and wiring kit, 16MB RAM and an 8MB flash disk containing EMAC Linux 2.6 , this is the same build used on EMAC's Server-In-a-Box (SIB) . The Kit also includes a 25 W power supply, a padded storage case, and a CD containing quick start instructions and additional Linux reference material. EMAC's Server-In-a-Box provides control and monitor of simple serial devices (e.g. PIC processors) as well as complex systems over the Internet or a LAN. EMAC’s Primer Trainer is now featured in one of P