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Wheeling IL Illinois
United States 60090
Phone: +1 847 808 9400, Fax: +1 847 808 9430
Tags: ceramics glass mandrels
Engis Corporation - Privacy Policy HOME COMPANY INFO DOWNLOAD LITERATURE REQUEST INFORMATION CONTACT US LAPPING PRODUCTS (HYPREZ) LAPPING & POLISHING ADVANCED MATERIALS (MICROTECH) HONING SYSTEMS (BORE FINISHING) DIAMOND PLATED PRODUCTS (ELECTROGRIP) DIAMOND POWDERS GRINDING & POLISHING TOOLS (DIAMOND) Welcome to Engis A growing number of today’s most challenging superfinishing applications can be resolved by superabrasives, but they cannot be addressed by diamond nor CBN alone. What is required is a company with an in-depth knowledge of materials and applications as well as intensive R & D programs to create new processes and products. Engis is the only superabrasives manufacturer that has an end-to-end, total systems capability dedicated to bringing the cost-effective cutting ability of superabrasives to meet your finishing objectives. Engis is more than a diamond company. With a global network of subsidiaries and affiliates, Engis brings unmatched superabrasives technology and superior application engineering to industries the world over. Your finishing objectives can be achieved. Just call Engis for the answer: (800) 993-6447 Traducir este informacion á español Contacte Engis en Español Privacy Statement :: Terms of Use :: Site Map :: Sorry, but a Javascript-enabled browser is required to email me.
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