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Environmental Technology Inc. Home | Contact | Consumer Products | Industrial Products | MSDS | Privacy Policy | Private Consumer Products POLYMER COATINGS Envirotex Lite Crystal Sheen Ultra-Glo CASTIN'CRAFT CASTING PRODUCTS Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy Clear Polyester Casting Resin Opaque Pigments Transparent Dyes Granite Powder Designer Knob Bases MC Poly Molds Knob and Pull Molds NON SKID RUG BACKING Fiber Lok MOLD MAKING Mold Builder ADHESIVES Ultra-Seal MELT AND POUR SOAP Fields Landing Soap Factory "Free" Designer Knobs Project Sheets. 1. Marble, Agate or Ivory 2. Flowers and Leaves 3. Faux Amber 4. Embedding Objects Envirotex Lite "Pour on" HIGH GLOSS FINISH One coat equals up to 50 coats of Varnish! Low odor, solvent free Introducing our newest product NEW "EasyCast Resin Jewelry" booklet By Marie Browning Over 50 Stylish Jewelry Projects to Make & Wear ! NEW "EasyCast Resin Jewelry Molds" 11 popular gem shapes on one convenient tray! Tray is made of durable, reusable polypropylene. NEW "EasyCast" Clear Casting Epoxy EasyCast is a two-component, low odor , solvent free, clear casting epoxy! Its ideal for casting small decorative items, such as jewelry gems and beads, kitchen and bathroom knobs, hobby parts, etc. Color EasyCast with Castin'Craft opaque pigments for solid colors, transparent dyes for that colored glass look or granite powders for the look of stone. Specializing in 2 part polymer coatings since 1969. Industrial Products POLYMER COATINGS EX-88 EX-74 (UV) Crystal Sheen Crystal Sheen CSGX CASTING PRODUCTS Casting Resin MOLD MAKING Mold Builder ADHESIVES 5 & 30 Minute Epoxy Ultra-Seal "Tile Art" with Envirotex Lite - Book, By Marie Browning 24 page full color book. Turn ordinary prints, photos, calendar prints, etc. into stunning Tile Art pieces! "EasyCast Resin Knobs" - Book, By Marie Browning 24 page full color booklet. Ten easy how to techniques, with dozens of projects. Transparent Dyes & Opaque Pigments for Clear Polyest