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Specializing in underground infrastructure, pipeline and confined space inspection, Envirosight is a full service manufacturer of manhole cameras, zoom survey cameras, robotic crawlers, small pipe push cameras, documentation software, inspection vehicles and in-line robotic pipe cutters. Our tools answer a variety of challenging applications, including the inspection of sewer, water and stormwater lines, as well as manholes, wet wells, vessels and electrical conduit. But technological innovation and applications expertise are only part of the story. Customers depend on Envirosight for training and support, and for the assurance that comes from the industry's broadest network of expert regional sales and service partners.

Why do inspection pros choose ROVVER X?:

Versatility: Modular design adapts to any challenge.Inspect pipe of any size, material and condition with ROVVER X's array of wheels, auxiliary lamps and camera lifts. Three interchangeable chassis sizes handle pipes from 4" to 120".

Maneuverability: Inspect farther by steering around obstacles, climbing offsets, and passing through inverts. ROVVER X invented the concept of a compact wheelbase and steerable 6-wheel drive.

Integral Reporting: Enter observations as you inspect using ROVVER X's touchscreen. Export your observations, video and images seamlessly to WinCan software (included) for databasing, advanced reporting, mapping and PACP compliance.

Productivity: Set up faster and streamline your inspections. No tools are needed to change out wheels, connect the cable, or attach the camera. ROVVER X's automatic reel and rear-view camera optimize crawler travel performance and minimize the risk of cable tangles.

Portability: Compact footprint and simple 3-piece layout.Inspect from any vehicle (even an ATV), thanks to ROVVER X's compact footprint, simplified layout and modest power demands. A high-tensile, 6-conductor design minimizes cable weight, making it easier for the crawler to pull, and reducing the reel's size and current draw.

Intelligence: Receive an automatic warning if you are about to flip your crawler, disengage the clutch on an incline, or submerge with insufficient pressure. The system monitors and records dozens of data points for your information, as well as for remote diagnostics.

Upgradeability: Enjoy new features as they become available. The control pendant's firmware automatically updates itself online, and the system's digital backbone accommodates any number of accessories ... even one's that may not yet exist!

Scalability: Add-on laser profiling and side-scan accessories.Expand your capability with add-on functionality like lateral-launch inspection, side-scanning and laser profiling. Once you own a ROVVER X, it's easy and affordable to upgrade.

Uptime: Built for the long haul, ROVVER's smart diagnostics, compact design, and lightweight cable mean less wear-and-tear and fewer trips to the shop.

Cost of Ownership: ROVVER X owners benefit from the industry's lowest cost of ownership, least downtime, and most comprehensive warranty.
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