SensorScan for Sensor Networks Inc
Epix Inc.
381 Lexington Dr 
Buffalo Grove IL Illinois
United States 60089
Phone: +1 847 465 1818, Fax: +1 404 586 0001
EPIX, Inc. - Image Processing for Research and Industry About Vision Products Support Contact PIXCI Selection Guide What's New Distributors Price Lists Downloads Gallery Search Links EPIX, Inc. 381 Lexington Drive Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 Tel. 847.465.1818 Fax. 847.465.1919 RoHS SILICON VIDEO 5C10, 5M10 5 megapixel progressive scan color or monochrome camera at 12 bits per pixel. Starting at $1095.00 (lens optional), the kit provides a plug and play camera, PCI interface board, cable, and software. XCAP, XCLIB, and PXIPL V3.0 software for 64 bit Windows and 64 bit Linux now available ! Capture high resolution, video rate, directly into terabytes* of PC memory with a 64 bit OS and PIXCI E1, E1DB, EL1, EL1DB, E4, or E4DB! *Currently available motherboards are limited to less than a terabyte of memory. EPIX, Inc. designs and manufactures frame grabbers, cameras, image acquisition and processing software, camera kits, and video to disk computer systems for machine vision, medical imaging, and high speed video analysis applications. We provide superior customer support from the initial purchase decision through image analysis. We can create custom cameras, frame grabbers, and software for your application. Send us your requirements. Our PIXCI series imaging boards support over 650 different camera models from 50 manufacturers. Please see the PIXCI Selection Guide for the complete list. Some recent additions are: Mikrotron MC1310 Mikrotron MC1311 Birger EF232 Lens Mount Hitachi KP-F31SCL Hitachi KP-FB30SCL Teli CSL8000CL Hitachi KP-F230SCL Hitachi KP-F500SCL PerkinElmer YD5010 PerkinElmer YD5020 PerkinElmer YD5040 PerkinElmer YD5060 Hitachi KP-F30SCL Hitachi KP-F80SCL Hitachi KP-F200SCL Hitachi KP-FD140SCL Tichawa CIS PerkinElmer SmartBlue SB4480 PerkinElmer SmartBlue SB2480 Sentech STC-CL33A Sentech STC-CLC33A JAI CV-M8CL Imperx IPX-11M5LC Toshiba Teli CS8620i Dalsa Piranha HS-4x-02K30 Basler L801k Basler L802k Basler L803k Dalsa 1M150-SA Dalsa Piranha2 P2-4x-04K40 Dalsa Piranha2 P2-4x-08K40 Pulnix TM-