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P: 508.359.4311 800.343.6926 F: 508.359.4145 E: For
over 50 years, Esco Tool has worked closely with end-users on the toughest
tube and pipe cutting and end prep applications in the power generation and
metalworking industries. Our experience has allowed us to invent and
manufacture high quality tools that work efficiently and require no special
operator training. This web site describes our rugged MILLHOG® and
PANELHOG® tools, High-Speed Bevelers and accessories. These tools are
built tough and precision machined from the finest materials to make sure that
you get your job done properly, on time, and under budget. Millhog end prep
tools come in eight different models and cover a range of ½” i.d.
to 18” o.d. The “Ground”, Mongoose, Tube Weasel
“ and “Wart” are made for the tight confines found in
boiler making and are ideal for small pipe diameters. The “Mini”,
PrepZilla, Commander and Dictator are easy to use and make end prepping
heavy wall pipe a cinch. Kits can be configured to meet specific needs or to
cover an entire working range. Rentals in the U.S. and Canada are available
overnight, check with the factory for availability in other countries. See our tools
in action! We have prepared a series of videos for you that we call Millhog TV .
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