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Founded in 1947, ETCO is a privately-owned company. The Company manufactures precision stampings and rubber and plastic molded products used principally by major automotive and appliance manufacturers. ETCO also manufactures supporting automated application equipment and has major customers in a variety of other industries in the USA and over 30 countries throughout the world. ETCO has factories and a research complex in Bradenton, Florida and a factory and engineering center in Warwick, Rhode Island.
ETCO uses the latest technology for prototyping. We are an advanced metal stamping house that looks at every aspect of a project. We have in-house capabilities for the design and manufacture of prototype tooling for tight-tolerance precision metal stamped components for a variety of jobs in different volumes.

ETCO uses SolidWorks and several software packages to achieve our wide-ranging tooling capabilities. Our in-house tooling capabilities consist of engineering a solid model design, we can create sample models, CAM with linkage to CAD, and modern CNC machining on various equipment, grinding and Wire EDM techniques to produce carbide and steel as well as ceramic tooling designed to meet exacting specification.

ETCO has been working with OEM, Tier I, II & III suppliers since 1947. We are a single source solution for all electrical connections. Our in-house engineering department provides customers with a turnkey solution including design development, rapid prototyping, production, and custom automated assembly machinery. All of our dies and tools are engineered in-house to maintain tight tolerances from a wide range of alloys in a variety of configurations from 0.008” to 0.070” thick with tolerances to +0.002.” With a state-of-the-art EDM and CNC machines, our expert die makers make high quality tools. We work closely with our customers to ensure the most cost-effective material, plating, and packaging is selected for their product needs. Our facilities have over 20 high-speed Bruderer stamping presses ranging from 10 to 60 tons that operate nearly 24 hours a day. We service over 1,000 customers throughout the world, providing a range of custom stampings from reel-to-reel terminals to complex large loose piece automotive lead frames. • Machine Automation for Attaching Wire to Terminals • Quick, Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution • High Quality Crimp without the Errors ETCO’s heritage in the USA of precision metal stamping services dates back to the company’s origins in 1947. The company place priority on metal stamping tight-tolerance, close-pitch, high-precision and light-gauge metal components. A Variety of Metal Stamping Options The company’s metal stamping operations consist of a variety of presses primarily comprised of Bruderer presses for the highest quality stamping action. Some the materials that are run through the custom precision metal stamping process include Copper, Bronze, Stainless Steel & Copper and Cold Rolled Steel with thickness ranging from 0.008″ to 0.075″. ETCO never uses Lead-based materials or materials that are harmful to the environments. • ETCO’s custom metal stamping is done with quality as a primary consideration. If we cannot provide metal stamping to exact specifications and within exact tolerances, we will not take the job. ETCO reps are very upfront when it comes to our capabilities.

ETCO can create provide multiple custom metal stamping options for a variety of industries because we are set up with flexibility in mind. We design, stamp and ship with our customer’s needs in mind. ETCO has the capability of using a variety of materials for our metal stamping projects. Currently we use: • Aluminum • Brass • Bronze • Cold Rolled Steel • Copper • Nickel Plated Steel • Stainless Steel • Various special high-performance copper alloys In-Die Tapping ETCO is uniquely qualified to produce large volume applications because we serve specific high-volume markets including appliance manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, and medical industry manufacturers. In-die thread tapping of stamped components. This process provides a more consistent product while reducing tool cost and piece price. Mostly suited to a high-volume application. Our metal stamping capability is currently equipped with multiple Metal stamping presses. It consists precision high speed as well as normal and long stroke. ETCO manufactures a variety of parts for multiple industries and in several material types that are as thin as .05mm to larger frames and heavy-duty multiple use metal components. Our precision metal stamping presses can accommodate multiple weights and tonnage. With speeds up to 1,500 per minute no job is too large. In addition to presses and auxiliary equipment, our metal stamping capability is equipped for in process inspection with CPK analysis, as well as press mounted vision systems where required. Additionally, there are aqueous cleaning systems, and atmosphere-controlled ovens for heat treatment of beryllium copper and other requirements. Our stamping services also have skiving equipment to contour metal thickness and configuration as required. Selective Tipping In-house reel-to-reel selective coating of epoxy. In-Die Assembly In-die assembly (within a progressive stamping tool) of components. Metal assembly in the progressive die, such as rivet-type contact insertion, staking, and mixed metal assembly for spring and terminal assemblies, as well as circuit and terminal assemblies.

ETCO designs and manufactures assembly equipment to perform secondary operations on stamped products in strip form. There are multiple functions that can be performed such as bending, brazing, welding, crimping, cutting, inserting, and attaching additional components ETCO works with a variety of shipping vendors located throughout the world to provide precise logistics and exact shipping times. Companies have come to depend on ETCO for its metal stamping delivery reliability.

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