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Fancort Industries, Inc. About Us RFQ Distributors & Sales Worldwide Talk to Us Fancort Industries is a manufacturer of a broad line of production equipment for electronics manufacturers. Our products include SMT lead forming equipment and services, PCB depaneling, hot bar soldering, robotic soldering, robotic screw fastening and racks and fixtures for PCB assembly and handling. We have been in business since 1972 serving the electronics industry throughout the world. Our team of dedicated employees is committed to the highest standards of customer service from the time you make an initial inquiry to years after our equipment is delivered. Quick Links Quick Links ------------ Angle Raks Air press Axial Lead former Combo-Slide Coplanarity Mirror DIP Lead Reformer Fast mask Finger mask Flip-Rak Jerry-Rig Jumper wires Karry-All Magazine rack Matrix tray Mini-Flip MFM Rack-Alls Radial lead cutter Slide line Solder fixtures Titanium stiffener Transport cart Turntable Vacuum pen Wire cleaning basket Featured Product: ElectroPress Servo-driven electronic press for extremely precise asssembly applications Read more ESD Component Trays Store and ship components and assemblies in these economical, stackable, rugged, reinforced trays molded in .085" thick ESD safe plastic Read more Fancort Industries, Inc., 31 Fairfield Place, West Caldwell, NJ 07006 © 1999-2007 Fancort Industries, Inc. No material on this site may be reproduced in part or in whole, including electronically, without the written permission of Fancort Industries Inc. Designed, developed, and maintained by Interactive Media Associates.