Sonotec Application Notes
Flame Engineering
PO Box 577 
La Crosse KS Kansas
United States 67548
Phone: +1 785 222 2873, Fax: +1 954 334 8001
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Flame Engineering manufactures the original Red Dragon Propane Torch; The Most Popular Weed Burner in America, Roofing Torches, Agricultural Flamers, Leisure Products, Heaters, Preheaters, Workbenches, Hitches and More. PATIO LIGHTS – Enjoy the soft golden glow of a open flame. WEED DRAGON TORCH KIT – Kills Weeds Naturally! VAPOR TORCH KITS– Our Most Popular Weed Burners and General Use Torches! Vapor Torch Back-Pack Kits LIQUID TORCH KITS– Use In Extreme Cold or For Continuous Use Applications. JET TORCH KITS– As Close to a Flame Thrower as We Make! Which Torch Kit Is Right For You? FLAME WEEDING 101 – Flame Weeding How-To Basics. Row Crop Flamers Alfalfa Flamers Vineyard/Orchard Flamers Potato Vine Flamers Poultry House Flame Sanitizer Agricultural Flaming Guide Roofing Torch Kits Modified Bitumen Applicators Roof Dryers Seamers Spud Bars & Tools About Red Dragon Portable Heaters "Hot Box" CH-220 "Square Ones" New AG-Series AG-235 About Red Dragon Preheaters 12 Volt D.C. Preheaters 115 Volt A.C. Preheaters Self Contained Preheaters Preheater Accessories Preheater Replacement Parts About Red Dragon Benches Standard Work Benches Bench Accessories Custom Work Benches About Red Dragon Hitches EZ-Tow Hitch Flex-Tow Hitch Turn-Table Hitch TOP 5 RED DRAGON PRODUCTS Vapor Torch Kits Weed Dragon Torch Kit CD-100 Cylinder Dolly Roofing Torch Kits Red Dragon Patio Lights