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Air Filtration Systems by Flanders/CSC Corporation. For all your containment air filtration needs, call Flanders/CSC. Products Menu Airvelope BF-Series Housings BG-Series Housings Custom Engineered Systems G-Series Housings Glovebox Housings GRF-Series Housings HEGA Carbon Adsorbers HEPA Filters, Biological Grade HEPA Industrial Grade HEPA Filters, Nuclear Grade Housings In-Place Test Housings Isolation Dampers KF-Series Housings KG-Series Housings NBC/CBR Systems Prefilters Remote Housings Self-Contained Systems A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Flanders Corporation Air Filtration Systems for Industrial, Research and Military facilities that handle dangerous or toxic biological, radiological or carcinogenic materials. Flanders/CSC Corporation designs, manufactures and markets high efficiency air filtration products and services which filter and contain dangerous, toxic, and noxious airborne contaminants. Flanders/CSC containment air filtration systems are high quality, high efficiency systems designed to capture dangerous toxic, or noxious airborne contaminants, both gaseous and particulate, and to contain them until disposed of properly. All products manufactured by Flanders/CSC meet all of the basic requirements of ASME NQA-1 " Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Nuclear Facilities". The Flanders/CSC systems are designed to meet the air filtration needs of industrial, research and military facilities that handle dangerous biological, radiological or carcinogenic materials. Flanders/CSC Corporation?s filtration products are used by many other industries, including those associated with general ventilation and air conditioning systems, Department of Energy containment filtration systems, Department of Defense CBR systems, also known as NBC systems, hospital TB isolation rooms, pharmaceuticals, genetic and biotech facilities, universities, nuclear power and nuclear materials processing.