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F L U I T R O N i n c | Innovations in Pressure Technology PRODUCTS SUPPORT/CONTACT WHAT'S NEW Standard Lab Reactors Plant Expansion HOME ABOUT US Diaphragm Compressors -- Metal diaphragm compressors feature freedom from contamination and leakage of the process gas, making them ideal for handling toxic, explosive, flammable, high purity, corrosive, radioactive or expensive gases. Non-Lubricated Piston Compressors -- Fluitron offers a line of stainless steel and special alloy non-lubricated piston compressors for specialized applications not suitable for conventional reciprocating compressors. Chemical Reactors -- Fluitron offers a complete line of stirred pressure reactors for research, process development and pilot plant applications. Laboratory units to two (2) gallons, as well as pilot reactors to 250 gallons are available in a variety of pressures and materials of construction . Pressure Vessels -- Fluitron offers a wide range of laboratory, pilot and small production scale pressure vessels for use as reactors, accumulators, storage vessels, process vessels, etc. Vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Divisions 1 or 2 as applicable. Isostatic Presses -- Wet bag cold and warm isostatic presses for laboratory use are available in sizes to 12" ID and pressures to 60,000 psi. Supercritical Extraction Systems -- Fluitron offers a variety of laboratory and pilot scale supercritical systems for both extraction and cleaning applications. Custom Process Systems -- Fluitron engineering and manufacturing expertise are available in designing, building and testing complete customized turnkey systems for almost any high-pressure application. High-Pressure Syringe Pumps -- Fluitron high-pressure syringe pumps are designed specifically for the precise injection of catalysts and other fluids into high pressure systems. Containment Cells -- The containment cell is a unique approach to safely barricading bench scale, high-pressure reactors. PRODUCTS | SUPPORT/CONTACT | WHAT'S NEW | HOME | AB
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