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Industrial Goods and Services Packaging Flexible
FormTex Plastics Corp.- Custom Plastic Thermoforming - Plastic Packaging - Anti-Static Clamshell Packaging FormTex Plastics Corporation Custom Plastic Thermoforming What is Plastic Thermoforming? Thermoforming is the process of heating and forming today's modern plastics into useful and cost effective packaging. We Thermoform a wide range of plastics for an even wider range of end applications. These applications include Anti-Static (static free) plastics for packaging sensitive electronics, virgin medical and food grade plastics, reclaimed and reprocessed utility grade plastics for making industrial product transfer trays and packaging inserts. We will work closely with you designing, developing and producing the best formed plastic item that meets your requirements at the lowest possible price. We produce Clamshell Packaging, Disposable and Reusable Plastic Trays, Blister Packaging and colorful POP "point of purchase" displays. Whatever formed plastic items you may require. Our goal is to deliver to you, our valued customer, the best " total value " when it comes to Quality, Custom Formed Plastic Packaging. At FormTex we don't just form plastics. We strive to form an honest and dependable supplier relationship. We offer: highly competitive pricing. Innovative package design with low cost tooling options. A wide range of formed plastic production machinery. Low cost package fulfillment services that include automatic and manual package assemblies, blister sealing, shrink wrap etc. specifically designed to meet your package assembly requirements High quality service and cost saving creativity Our Sales & Design Team work closely throughout Prototyping, Tooling & Production to deliver the lowest cost formed plastic items you require, on-time and on-budget. We appreciate any opportunity to discuss your formed plastic packaging and package assembly requirements. Mark Anselmo 713-864-7300 x116 Static Free Plastics for Electronic Components Recent Packaging Awards FormTex  Plastics
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