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Fujipoly - Thermal Interface Materials Welcome to Fujipoly. A worldwide network to serve your electronic packaging needs. Creating unprecedented products with unprecedented performance -- Fujipoly's network of dependability. Trade Show Schedule Fujipoly Locations Download Our Catalog RoHS Statement If you are a Fujipoly Knowledge Center registered user, please login below. Username: Password: Did you forget your password? Need help logging in? If you would like to register, please Click here . Take an interactive tour of our product lines. Thermal Interface Thin Film Fujipoly now offers eight of the company's most popular thermal interface materials in six different thin film thicknesses ranging from 15mm to 85mm. Sarcon? thin film is a uniquely formulated silicone rubber material that efficiently transfers heat from an electronic component to a nearby heat sink. Conveniently packaged in both rolls and individual sheets, Sarcon? thin films are ideal for custom finishing operations. Materials can be die-cut or trimmed to virtually any standard or proprietary shape for the perfect component fit. Depending on your material selection and thickness, Sarcon? thin films will provide a thermal conductivity between 0.9 and 2.9 W/m?K with a thermal resistance between 0.26 and 1.35 ?Cin 2 /W. Learn more Copyright 2003-2007 Fujipoly America Corporation. All rights reserved.